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    Dental Implant Procedures

    Replace a Missing Tooth With Ease

    Dental implants work better than regular dental bridges in that implants move directly into the jaw line and are less invasive. These can last for around thirty years on average with a 98 percent success rate. Implants are simply more effective than bridges.

    All implants are added with minimal discomfort. You will feel better about yourself and your smile when you have implants replacing your old teeth.

    Learn why dental implants are the gold standard for replacing a missing tooth.

    Bridged Implants Can Replace Multiple Teeth

    Bridged implants are appealing to have if you are missing two to four teeth. Bridged implants work with more supports around the jaw line. This in turn gives you a more comfortable and relaxed look around your teeth.

    Learn why bridged implants are the preferred procedure for replacing multiple teeth.

    TeethXpress® Is a Replacement For Many Missing and Failing Teeth or Dentures

    TeethXpress® is an impressive and useful solution for when you are aiming to replace more teeth. With TeethXpress®, you can replace your dentures with a fully new smile.

    Designed for those with dentures or partial dentures, TeethXpress® will replace failing teeth with implants. The pain-free and efficient process works without any adhesives involved. It preserves your jaw bone and produces strong anchors for your new teeth. The process is effective and produces a more natural smile without anything looking too unusual or difficult to manage.

    Learn why TeethXpress® is the preferred procedure for replacing four or more teeth.


    The Following System Makes TeethXpress® Useful

    • Provides you with a secure and easy approach to having healthier teeth
    • Is easy to maintain without requiring extra adhesives or cleansing materials
    • Ensures your jaw bone is safe, thus keeping premature aging from being a threat
    • Allows you a maximum chewing ability
    • Easy to implant without surgical methods; the entire process can be finished in one day

    Bridged Implants

    Fill a Large Gap with Multiple Implants

    • Keep your healthy teeth from wearing out
    • Prevent your jaw bone from being lost
    • Restore your full chewing and speaking abilities
    • Offers a better appearance without any unusual gaps
    • Easier to maintain as implants do not get cavities

    Dental Implant

    Dental Implants are an Ideal Solution.

    • They preserve your existing healthy teeth
    • They keep your jaw bone from deteriorating, thus keeping your other teeth strong
    • Your chewing ability is properly restored
    • Dental implants look much better than dentures or crowns, particularly metal ones
    • Your risk of cavities or tooth failure is reduced with implants

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